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FRP Pultrusion Machine
FRP Pultrusion Machine
FRP Pultrusion Machine
FRP Pultrusion Machine
FRP Pultrusion Machine


  • A screw conveyor is a mechanism. It uses a rotating helical screw, called “flighting”, that is installed within a tube or trough, to move liquid or granular materials. In many bulk handling industries, they are used. Screw Conveyor is one of the Important Products among Mechanical Conveying Systems to convey bulk materials from one location to another. Every time the screw rotates, A tube- or U-shaped trough acts as the conveying surface around the auger, where powder bulk, granular, and even non-flowing material is pushed along the trough surface. In the screw conveyor’s material is fed through the inlet, passes through the conveyor via the turning auger, and is taken out via the discharge end. Screw conveyors can be designed in a horizontal, vertical, or inclined arrangement
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Pultrusion Machine



2000 mm


900 mm to 750 mm



Conveyor bod Material

Ms. Powder coted / SS

Screw Type


Motors make (Crompton)

0.5 hp,3 phase (415v ac 50Hz)

Tube Shape

Round / U-tube


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